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Mobile Marketing and Customer Engagement

Dealer Uplink specializes in mobile marketing technologies for Auto Dealers that capture new customers through the use of proprietary solutions. Built on the Quick-Display-Network (QDN), this technology gives consumers an easy-to-use display of vehicle details while providing Auto Dealers key information about the buyer through the use of its proprietary algorithms and analytics. Consumers use their smartphone and interact directly with the vehicle and are instantly shown details about that specific vehicle. This innovative technology excites consumers as they can make-an-offer, bid, email, schedule a test drive and much more, all from any smartphone.

A leader in the automotive mobility marketplace, Dealer Uplink visions and develops new services to enhance the On-The-Lot consumer experience while providing Auto Dealers valuable leads, interactions, and market information with these mobile marketing tools.

In 2011, Dealer Uplink released the first database-driven Addendum QR Sticker program which gives auto dealers one-click selections to add additional options and features to a vehicle. These Addendum stickers also have Dealer Uplink’s custom QR Codes for consumer convenience.

In November 2012, Dealer Uplink premiered the Mobile-Sales-Tool (MST) which gives automotive sales consultants the ability to view inventory, email customers, spotlight vehicles, add/edit customers via CRM and much more. The MST gives one simple way for sales teams to do everything from their fingertips.

For more information visit www.DealerUplink.com. For more information about Dealer Uplink call 877-483-7113.



Jay Martinez

Co-founder & CEO

George Lamelza

Co-founder & President

Matt Sneed

Chief Technology Officer

Jay Fulbright

Vice President of Sales